Nesting Time
As an amateur photographer I value the freedom of creating new images without any external pressures or constraints. I have the opportunity to experiment with new ways of working, but can also use more traditional ways if I so wish. Recently I have enjoyed working at creative projects where I can use both photography and writing. This has been a new venture and one I would like to pursue.

As a child, I watched regular slide shows of transparencies taken by my grandfather and uncle. Many of these images were of sea birds they were fortunate enough to see on their visits to Lundy Island. Of all the birds they photographed, puffins were a firm favourite. My father, who was often very ill and died when I was twelve years old, also enjoyed photography. He took one particular photograph that I loved. It was of a paddle steamer, framed by leafy branches, sailing up the river. I like to think that my love of photography began when I first saw this image.

Many years ago, I enrolled at the local Art College to learn about black and white photography and how to use the dark room. A busy family life and a demanding job did not allow me a great deal of time to spend with my camera and I was often frustrated with the results of my efforts. Some years later, when my children had fled the nest, I became very ill and had to retire from my job. This sudden change in my life gave me the time and opportunity to rekindle my interest in photography and writing. I have never looked back.

Photography for me is a way of relaxing and connecting with the natural world. Buying a digital camera and a macro lens opened my eyes to the detail and texture to be found in flowers and insects that were growing in and visiting my own back garden.

I have always looked for ways to improve my skills in the art of photography. I entered competitions and had some successes. Several times I have been commended and a finalist in, The International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition. My images have been used in books and magazines and exhibited at the Medici Gallery, London and Kew Gardens, Richmond.

In 2014 I was enrolled as a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society. Since then, I have taken part in a number of workshops and courses most notably with Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery. With their help I have been introduced to new techniques and encouraged to explore creative projects. I am very grateful to them both and feel enthused to continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby, learning from, and sharing with others along the way.

Thank you for visiting my site.